Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Am I Missing in Action......

Hello!! I am so sorry that it has been FOREVER since I have updated on anything. I have been finding it hard to update on Facebook, My Fitness Pal and the blog. So I have decided that I am going to focus on the blog and facebook. I hope to be posting almost daily again.

So what's been happening in my little part of the word.....

I had a mini meltdown this weekend twice. Bless my husband's heart because he is a saint when I have a meltdown. I really think I am having some mood swings from my hysterectomy. I did some reading about menopause and this seems to be a side effect. I will be talking to my doctor when I go for my follow up appointment in March. So in the time being, I will be trying my hardest to remain calm and not overreact. I tend to me a worrier and freak out about silly little things that never worry or bother anyone else. It is weakness but I shall overcome it. Now that I have announced it to the world, it is time to change it. I will let you know how I do.

Eating Plan -- Yeah, I am not calling it a DIET because I am changing for life. I want this to be my way of life so it can't be a diet. I have ate plant based every day except for this past Saturday when I had a slight lapse in judgement. I didn't beat myself up about it because I know I will make mistakes. After the first 6 weeks, then I can add some fish, chicken, turkey, eggs or fat free milk if I am missing these. I think I will be doing that but I also want to stay mostly plant based. I am thinking using the meat as a tiny portion like 1-2 oz per meal but most of the meal still being salad, veggies, beans, fruit. It's a work in progress so I want to be able to do it forever.

Exercise -- I have been riding my bike every day (I think I missed 1 day) for at least 20 minutes!!

Weight Loss -- Well, my first week weigh in was Thursday, 1/26 and I lost 6.5 pounds!!! Yeah!! I was shocked and so happy!! I can do this. I hope to lose 90 pounds by our October Disney trip.

Disney -- The school board is meeting tonight and hopefully will pass the calendar for next year and I can book my trip tomorrow!!!! I am so freaking excited!!! We keep switching back in forth on what resort. We are thinking Port Orleans Riverside most of the time but now we are thinking about the new Art of Animation. I will let you know tomorrow when I book.

 I think that is everything that has been happening to me. Thanks for dropping by!!

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