Saturday, January 21, 2012

Good Saturday Evening!!

Hello Everyone! Well, when I last posted I was almost finished reading Eat to Live. I finished it and started following the plan on Thursday. It has been easier than I expected and my family is doing this with me. My hubby and I discussed it and decided that we would try to to get our cholesterol in the normal range and hopefully get our blood pressure down so we can come off our medicine. Our daughter is sorta following it. She still eats some meat but understands that we are doing this for our health. We have been eating lots of salad, beans and fruits. I know we have had a couple things that were not on the plan such as one night for supper we had black eye peas over cornbread, salad and green beans. The cornbread would not be considered on the plan but I don't want to waste food. Today, for breakfast I had 1 biscuit and cantaloupe. So we are mostly following the plan but making it fit our family. Our main focus is getting our cholesterol down and off meds. Of course we will lose weight eating better but we want to make sure we are healthy. I bought some yummy stuff at the grocery store to fix this week. I got eggplant and zucchini to make vegetable lasagna. I am going to make Chili Mac with no meat!! I got some soy cheese for the lasagna. I am making veggie pizza. Then of course we have lots of fruits and vegetables. I weighed this morning even  though it's not the official weigh in. I have lost 4 pounds since Thursday!! Yippee!! In the book, it is stated that the weight will drop off and it has for me so far this week. Here's a couple of my days and what I have been eating.

cantaloupe and banana

chili beans
green beans

black eye peas over corn bread
green beans


Late Lunch/dinner
whole wheat bun
veggie burger
sauteed onions
homemade french fries


I am enjoying the food and I can't wait to try new things. I will keep you posted on my progress.

Thanks for stopping by!!

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