Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesday Evening Update

Hello!! I just wanted to complete my day. I did a 20 minute aerobics workout tonight and for dinner I has a chicken taco salad with lettuce, tomato, cheese, and sauce. No chips or shell!! Yeah me!! It was very yummy!!!

I am struggling with the water but I am trying hard.

On with Disney update.... We are trying to plan or should I say that I am trying to plan our next Disney trip and the school hasn't released next year's calendar. I so need to know when Fall Break will be. I called today and it should be out Feb 1st so I hope I can book at that time. Also, we have decided that we want to stay at Port Orleans - Riverside in their preferred rooms. We really like the new renovations. I will keep you posted with all the updates.

Daughter and friends senior trip will be May 2014 after graduation instead of fall break. Our plan is to stay at Bay Lake Towers in a 1 bedroom villa. I will get it booked as soon as the dates open up.

That's all I have for tonight!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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