Monday, October 31, 2011

September 2009 Disney Trip - Part 1

Good Evening!! It's time to start our 2009 trip report. We decided to go back to the Polynesian Resort for this trip and we are going during the fall so we can go to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. We really love Halloween so it's our favorite time of the year to visit Disney.

We stayed in Valdosta, GA again but this time we tried the Hampton Inn. The room was nice and large for an overnight stay.

We arrived at the Polynesian and checked in. Then we decided to grab lunch at Capt Cook's and explore the grounds. This resort is my favorite and it is so beautiful.

It took a little longer for our room because apparently, the people in our room had not checked out so Disney  re-assigned us a new room. Guess What?? We got upgraded from a Garden View to a Lagoon View which meant we could see the Castle from our balcony!! I was in HEAVEN!! Here are some pictures of the view and the dark clouds rolling in. You see the tiny little castle!! It's there but so small. LOL

Yes, it started pouring down so we decided to take a rest in the room til it pasted over. Some of us were extremely happy to be in Disney. 

The rain finally passed and we decided to head on over to Magic Kingdom!!! It was sunny and warm. It was a little crowded as you see I did not follow the recommended park of the day. Magic Kingdom was the park to avoid and I am now a firm believer in the crowd levels/park recommendations. 

Off to Tomorrowland....First stop Carousel of Progress...My daughter was thrilled to ride this. 

Then it was time for TTA, Buzz, and Stitch. 

Then we headed to Toon Town and visited Minnie's House. I miss Toon Town!!! 

Well, since the wait times were so long we decided to head back to the resort and relax. 

Stay tuned for more.... Thanks for dropping by!!

Until next time, Have a Magical Day!!

Life Update

Happy Halloween!! Sorry I haven't posted any updates on the home front lately. Life has been busy!! Well, I did pretty good last week. I lost 0.5 per the scale yesterday. I am happy with that. I only exercised 3 days so I want to make sure I am getting more exercise than that. My eating was okay. I ate out more than I should have but sometimes that happens. It's a new week and I am going to get more exercise in this week.

Friday night we did a trunk or treat at a local Cruise In and there was a ton of cars and kids. We even had to run to a nearby store to buy more candy. I didn't take any pictures but it was so much fun.

Saturday we took my daughter and some friends to our local zoo for Zoo Boo!! It was alot of fun and the girls had a ball. We met some friends and family there as well so it was a large group of us.

Sunday, we took the girls to a local cemetery that has some old graves from the 1800's. Then we took them to the park nearby.

It was a fun busy weekend!!

Tonight Allen and I had a date night while Jamie was out trick or treating with friends.

I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Until next time, Have a Magical Day!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

November 2008 - Disney Trip - Part 4

Good Afternoon!! Where were we??? Oh Yea, we were riding the TTA in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom!! After we rode all our rides, we headed back to the resort. One more good thing about the Contemporary is that you can walk to Magic Kingdom. It is so nice to have a leisurely stroll back to the resort. Well, another surprise was waiting for Jamie when we got there.

Next was our day to go back to Epcot. I was excited to see all the decorations in the daylight and no rain!!

We headed over to Test Track. Now I chickened out last time so I was determined to ride it this time. I was putting on my BIG GIRL pants. I am such a chicken. Would I make it???

YES!! I rode it. It's not my favorite ride but I did enjoy it. Next we headed to World Showcase. I love strolling through all the countries and looking in the shops.

Remember I was telling you about Hidden Mickey's, well look in the picture above. Do you see it??

No? It's on the left side above the clothes hanging. See it now? Great!!

On with our travels......

After our travels around the world, we head to the monorail to go back to the Contemporary Resort.

Little does my family know, I have planned a special for both of them. What do you think it is???

It was white chocolate covered strawberries and a chocolate Minnie that was hand painted.  We ate our strawberries and watched the fireworks from our wonderful balcony. 

It was a great way to spend our last night at the Contemporary Resort. The next morning was a beautiful sunny day. Jamie's last surprise was that we extended our vacation by 1 day and we were checking into the Animal Kingdom Resort. So we say our good-byes to the monorail and all the beauty of the Contemporary Resort. 

We jump in the car and head over to the Animal Kingdom Lodge. We are all excited because this a new resort for us. 

We check in and then go to explore our room. 

Off to the bus stop to catch a bus to Animal Kingdom. 

We had another first on this trip. We got to see DeVine!! I had heard about her but we missed her on the 2006 & 2007 trips. 

We enjoyed a nice day at Animal Kingdom. Here are some of the highlights. 

That's the end of our 2008 Disney Trip!! Thanks for dropping by and stay tuned for more Disney Adventures!

Until next time, Have a Magical Day!!