Sunday, October 23, 2011

First Post

Welcome and thanks for dropping by!! I am a new blogger who is wanting to share my love of Disney and my weightloss journey. I have been to Disney 6 times with my husband and daughter. It is our Happy place. I am also a Travel Planner with Dream Come True Vacations who specializes in Disney Travel.

I am quite overweight (aka FAT) and I have tried multiple times to lose this weight. I was once skinny!! Well, I am now working out at home to a workout plan that my trainer set up for me. I started this on Thursday and let me tell you. My legs have been hurting from those stupid lunges. I didn't work out Friday or Today so tomorrow I will be working out. Food wise, I am trying to eat healthier and smaller portions.

It took me several years to finally convince my husband that we NEEDED to take our daughter to Disney World. In fact, I really think what convinced him was a friend of ours went. Well that first trip was back in May 2006. We stayed at the Coronado Springs Resort and let me tell you. We were so stinking tired at the end of the vacation that we decided to leave a day early!! You see I didn't know anything at all on that first trip. I didn't plan any dining reservations, I didn't plan breaks, I didn't plan anything. I just didn't know. Well, we came back and I think we felt like most people that don't plan when they go to Disney World. We were tired and didn't get it. Well, it took about 6 months and we started talking about Disney again. By this time, I had found some great information and learned awhole lot. We decided to go in September 2007 and stay at the Polynesian Resort. 

I am going to leave you hanging there tonight well it's really morning.... I will finish this story of our next trip soon and I will even have some pictures!!

One more thing, since I am a travel planner I will be posting specials and you can always email me for pricing or more information.

Until next time....Have a Magical Day!!

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