Monday, October 31, 2011

Life Update

Happy Halloween!! Sorry I haven't posted any updates on the home front lately. Life has been busy!! Well, I did pretty good last week. I lost 0.5 per the scale yesterday. I am happy with that. I only exercised 3 days so I want to make sure I am getting more exercise than that. My eating was okay. I ate out more than I should have but sometimes that happens. It's a new week and I am going to get more exercise in this week.

Friday night we did a trunk or treat at a local Cruise In and there was a ton of cars and kids. We even had to run to a nearby store to buy more candy. I didn't take any pictures but it was so much fun.

Saturday we took my daughter and some friends to our local zoo for Zoo Boo!! It was alot of fun and the girls had a ball. We met some friends and family there as well so it was a large group of us.

Sunday, we took the girls to a local cemetery that has some old graves from the 1800's. Then we took them to the park nearby.

It was a fun busy weekend!!

Tonight Allen and I had a date night while Jamie was out trick or treating with friends.

I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Until next time, Have a Magical Day!!

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