Sunday, November 27, 2011

Disney Trip May 2011 -- Part 1

Good Evening!!

It's time to start a new trip report. I am finally caught up and this is our most recent trip report from this year. This was a surprise trip for our daughter Jamie and a celebration trip for me. You see I was diagnosed with uterine cancer Aug. 2010 and had surgery Sept. 2010. I had my 6 month check up in March and I am cancer free so we decided to go to Disney!! We told Jamie the day before we were leaving. I don't have any pictures but I know we have it on film so I will see what I can do about posting it.

When we planned this trip, we had all intentions of going back in Oct for fall break but some other health things came up and both Al & I went to the emergency room. Needless to say, there went all my extra money. Now I am dealing with a tooth abscess so I guess it's good that we didn't spend that money on a second trip. I think everything happens for a reason. Even if it is sad at the time.

As normal we drive down to Valdosta, GA the first day.

The next day we get up early and head to our happy place.

This trip we got free dining and we stayed at a moderate resort to try and save money because at the time of booking we thought we were coming on a second trip. Here's a hint of where we stayed......

Did you guess
Yes, we stayed at Coronado Springs Resort. We really like it but we miss being in the middle of the action like you feel at Polynesian or Contemporary. We like seeing Magic Kingdom from our resort.

Here is a picture of some squirrels near the building we were in. They would run around this tree playing with each other. They were so funny.

Once we get checked in, we head over to our room and start decorating our window. We didn't see many people decorate at all.

Here's a couple pictures of our room before we destroy it.

We decide to head on over to Pepper Market to grab some lunch. If you have never been to CSR (Coronado Springs Resort) before, let me explain that Pepper Market is the counter service restaurant for the resort. It is a little different than other counter service places. You are seated by a host who also brings you your drinks and silverware but you get up to order your food at different stations. We love it!! It is a great value for using your counter service meals. Also, since my birthday is in July we decided to celebrate it too. So I have my birthday button on and I get a little pixie dust. Here are the pics of us walking to Pepper Market.

We get our food and use the dining plan. We used 3 counter service meals.

Remember the pixie dust, well one of the CMs (Cast Members is what Disney workers are called) noticed my birthday pin and brought over this special dessert. It was AWESOME!!

We went back to our room to rest and let our food digest before heading over to Magic Kingdom for the evening. After a little rest in our room, we get up to spruce our selves. We had nap hair and make-up happening.

Off to the bus stop...I will say that we think CSR has the BEST buses ever!!!

Then it really hits me...we are really here. I tear up just thinking about it. It really is my happy place.

The castle!! I just love this view. Puts a smile on my face every time. Some people dream of the mountains, some people dream of the beach, some people dream of the lake....I dream of Disney! It's where I dream to go.

So we hit the ground running...No, not really. We are not commando style, we like to take our time. Here are some of the things we did before our dining reservation for dinner. Before I show you the pictures, in case you don't know...If you are planning on going to Disney and you want to have a nice sit down breakfast/lunch/dinner please please please please make dining reservations in advance. If you want to have breakfast/lunch/dinner with a princess or other character make sure you make your dining reservations at your 180 day mark. If you have any questions, please message me or put a comment on my page. Anyhow...back to the pictures.

I just love the new queue area at Haunted Mansion. Next we headed to our dining reservation.....

I am stopping for the night. You get to wander around Magic Kingdom. I am having my root canal tomorrow but I should be back on to do another part.

Thanks for dropping by!!

Until next time, Have a Magical Day!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Mine was very relaxing. I am a little under the weather with a tooth abscess so I haven't been able to eat much or feel like doing much but I have so much to be thankful for.

There has not been any exercising since this tooth issue showed it's ugly self. I go to the specialist on Monday and I hope he can fix me right up.

I hope to get started on the 2011 Disney trip report soon.

Thanks for dropping by!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Life Update

Good Evening!! Sorry that I haven't posted yet this week. Let me catch you up.

Monday -- I have honey nut cheerios and 2% milk for breakfast, banana for snack, turkey sandwich, chips and tea for lunch, stuffed bell peppers, corn and garlic bread for dinner. I did 25 minute work out.
Tuesday -- 1 egg, bacon and biscuit for breakfast, thanksgiving food for lunch at my work potluck and it was so YUMMY!!! Nothing for dinner because I am still full!!!

That is about all that is happening so far this week. Well, tonight is my TV night and not workout night so I gotta run.

Talk to you soon!!

Thanks for dropping by!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Disney May 2010 Trip Report -- Part 3

Good Evening!!

Let's see..We were walking to the monorail when we stopped yesterday. I just love staying at a monorail resort. After a quick ride on the red monorail, we arrived at Magic Kingdom.

Then the most glorious sight ever!!!

You guessed it! The Castle!!! I think I cry every time I see it and some of the commercials even make me cry.

Here are some of our highlights and some storm clouds that passed by.

The following morning after a great night of sleep. Jamie and Al are all ready to go.

Jamie needed one more piece of chocolate to get her day started. Yes, I feed her breakfast but there is always room for chocolate.

We head out to go to Animal Kingdom.

Yes a brief rain shower popped up but it was over very quickly. By the time we got to the Animal Kingdom it was sunny.

We decided to walk through Rainforest Cafe since my family had never been to one. I had been to one in another city years ago.

I like this picture of Al busy filming and Jamie checking out the map.

Here are some highlights from our day.

Disney Ducks!!

They are in front of the mister fan. They are saying it feels COOL!!

I love this picture. So calming.

That's the end to a great day at Animal Kingdom. The next day we headed to Epcot.

The line to SpaceShip Earth was short so we jumped in line for one of my favorite rides.

Next it is time for Figment.

Onward to Living with the land. I love this ride too. I find it very fascinating and I hope to one day do the behind the scene tour.

Here are some other highlights to our day at Epcot.

We decide that we are hungry and missing the Polynesian so what else to do but to head on over there. The Polynesian is our favorite resort and we love all the food options there.

Our plans were to meet our friends at Animal Kingdom for EMH so that is where we headed. Here is a picture of them arriving. It looks like she is helping him walk. I am not sure what that is all about.

We had alot of fun with them. We rode Kali and got soaking wet.

The next day we checked into Port Orleans - French Quarter for our last day at Disney. This day we just explored the resort and relaxed.

There's the smiling and texting again.

Our time at Disney ends, we say good bye and head home.

That's the end of the 2010 trip report. Thanks so much for dropping by.

Until next time, Have a Magical Day!!