Friday, November 18, 2011

Disney May 2010 Trip Report -- Part 2

I left you waiting on our room. Did the suspense kill ya? What room did we get?? Here are some clues....

Give up? We were in the Garden Wing in a Deluxe Room. The Garden Wing is a 3 level building to the back off to the side of the main building. This room was incredible and there are only 3 of them in the entire resort. These rooms are in the corner of the garden wing so they are shaped a little different.

The room has 2 semi balconies (you can open the door but there is not really a place to go).

If you have read my other reports, you know that I like to do little surprises for my family. This trip we are celebrating our daughter, Jamie's 8th grade graduation so of course I had to get her a little something.

I almost forgot that we had a little something waiting on us in the room. A towel animal or should I say a towel Mickey.

We have dinner reservations at O'Hana with some friends. Here are some pics as we leave the garden wing and of our dinner.

O'Hana is so good!! I love the wings and the noodles but the bread pudding is to die for. I thought I took some pictures but I can't find them. With our tummys full, we head back to our resort. We find out that we have turn down service in the deluxe room because it is considered a suite. What a nice surprise!!

After a wonderful night sleep in the best beds ever, we wake up to a sunny day. We go grab breakfast at the cafe. We had their breakfast sandwich and it was very good.

Today we are heading to Hollywood Studios for Star Wars Weekend. We head on out to the bus stop which is in the front of the main building.

We get to Hollywood Studios. It was very warm but we knew we wanted to get our spot for the parade so that is what we do.

The above picture is one of the street performers and they were really funny but my favorite was the police officer. He was hilarious.

Our friends and their little girl finally arrived.

While we are waiting on the parade, the High School Musical float came by like 50 times.

Finally the moment we had all been waiting for......

We head back to the resort to rest because we are planning on heading back for Star Wars Hoopla then EMH at MK. Our friends have reservations at Cali Grill so they stop by to see us.

Off we go to the bus stop to head back to Hollywood Studios. We see a Disney duck!!

Well we get there and head over to get a good place to see Star Wars Hoopla. Oh my!! We were not even close and we got there about an hour early. It was crowded and hot.

Jamie and I couldn't see a whole lot but we enjoyed it anyway. We head around the park to do some more rides before it was time to head over to Magic Kingdom.

For some reason (I can't remember 1.5 years later) we headed back to the room before going to Magic Kingdom. We were able to see the parade from our balcony.

Jamie is happy on her phone...

We laugh all the time because she smiles while she is texting.

Al is looking out the balcony.

It's finally time to head to Magic Kingdom and we decide to walk over. Gotta love the walk way between the Contemporary and Magic Kingdom.

We ride a bunch of rides and we actually make it to 1:45am!!! It had been a very long day.

We get up the next day all excited because it's our full Magic Kingdom day. Magic Kingdom is our family's favorite park.

Off to the monorail....

Well, I am going to stop here for the night.

Thanks for dropping by and until next time have a Magical day!!!

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