Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Quick Mid Day Update

Okay....I have to confess. I was bad. I had 2 donuts at work mid morning!! I was hungry and instead of eating my banana I caved. They were not even that good. Why did I waste the calories on that? Well, I ate my lunch as planned (sandwich and chips) and I have had lots of water today. I will do 60 minutes of exercise today to make up for the donuts.

I also added my weight ticker from My Fitness Pal. It is scary that I am putting it out for the world to see but I show my pictures and it is not like you can't tell I am fat. I am trying to get back on track by logging everything I eat, drink and exercise. Keep me posted on your progress!!

Well, my lunch time is over so back to work.

Talk to you later!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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