Saturday, November 12, 2011

September 2009 Disney Trip - Part 5

Good Evening!! Let's see we were waiting to be called for our reservation.

Did you figure out where we were???

Yep, we had lunch at Tusker house. It's a buffet and it was good but we were in a small sitting area and it was really loud. After lunch, we rode some more rides.

I just love the safari...yes in the above picture there are animals. Next up is my favorite ride at Animal Kingdom. Kali River Rapids with a 10 minute wait!! I love coming in the fall.

Yes, my husband video taped the ride. We very carefully wrapped the camera. We got soaked as normal. It never fails that we get soaked to the bone. Next stop was Mt. Everest for our thrill seekers which does not include me.

After the thrills were received we headed on over to Chester & Hester's for one of my daughters favorite rides.....Primeval Hurl --- I mean Whirl.

So after all the bumps and family emerges in one piece. It's time to say our good byes to Animal Kingdom for this trip. This is always the hardest part.

The next day we get up and say our good byes to the Polynesian our home away from home.

The only good thing about leaving Disney is that we were heading to the beach on our way home. YIPEE!! It's time for a little RELAXATION after Disney!!

Of course on the drive we have to snack on some of our yummy Disney snacks.

Jamie is sound asleep in the back of the car. I don't understand how that could be comfortable.

Finally we start seeing the ocean and we get to our beach destination which is Orange Beach, Al. We are staying at the Island House Hotel. We have stayed at this same resort for the past 9-10 years. We love it and the area. It is nice and quiet with just the right amount of activity.

So you ask what do we do??? Well we check in then run to the room change clothes and run as fast as we can to the ocean. Don't you just get a peace over you when you hear those waves. I know I do.

We are all getting hungry for dinner so we go get cleaned up and head to LuLu's.

After a good night sleep, we wake up to another beautiful day at the beach. This was our 17th Wedding Anniversary.

Jamie was working on her homework since she missed some school while we were on vacation. What better place to work on your homework than the balcony overlooking the beach??

We enjoyed the beach some more on our last day.

Well, it's time for us to head home the next day. It was a great vacation but I was ready to get home.

Thanks for dropping by...I hoped you enjoyed the trip report.

Until next time, have a magical day!!

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