Monday, November 14, 2011


Good Evening!!

I hope all is well for you on this Monday evening.

My day was pretty good except for a little worry mid day. My daughter's school was on lock down due to a previous student posting a hit list on facebook. The school and local police worked promptly protecting the kids in school and finding the young man. He was arrested and will hopefully get the help he needs. No one was hurt so at least we know their procedures work well.

I did well food wise today.

Breakfast - honey nut cheerios and 2% milk.
Snack - banana
Lunch - sandwich and chips
Dinner - club sandwich and chips
Snack - sugar cookie

So 1 day down on the eating at home goal.

Now I am off to exercise....nothing major since I haven't done much lately. I think I will do some light activity.

Thanks for dropping by and have a good night!!

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