Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Disney May 2010 Trip Report -- Part 1

Good Evening!! It's time to start a new trip report. This trip we left right after our daughter's 8th grade graduation.

Okay...You really can't tell much from this picture but she is walking up to get her certificate. Here's a picture of her before we left that morning.

We finish the graduation and head home to change clothes so we can kiss our kitties good bye and get on the road to DISNEY!!!

As you know from previous reports, we drive to Valdosta, GA the first day normally. This trip is no different. We get on the road and head south. My hubby, Allen, is so happy to be on the road.

Jamie, our daughter, had other things on her mind...well really just one at this moment. SLEEP.......

Notice the cell phone on the pillow while she sleeps....heaven help her if she loses that thing.

We drive on and we see these smoke stacks. Here are a couple pictures. We wonder if they are from a nuclear plant. Anyone out there know???

Well finally Jamie wakes up....

We finally made it to Valdosta and we were all starving. Jamie picked dinner and she choose.

In case you can't tell, it's Steak n'Steak. It was yummy!!! With our belly's full we got back to the hotel room to get settled for the night and dream of Disney. We stayed at Courtyard Marriott this time.

We get up early the next morning and are ready to get to Disney. Here is Jamie and me.

We get on the road and head further south. We finally start seeing signs of Disney.

This trip we are staying at the Contemporary so we follow the signs to Magic Kingdom resorts. You have to stay to the right side of the entrance so you can go to the resorts. Then we see our home......

Happiness!! It felt wonderful to pull up to our Disney home. We get out and head to the main building to check in. There was a cool ivy/vine thing on the wall in between the tower and the garden wing. Here is Al and Jamie on our walk in.

Well I am going to stop here tonight. You will have to wait to find out where our room is.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Until next time, Have a Magical Day!!

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