Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

I hope you are having a wonderful and magical new year!! Mine has been great! Last night, my hubby, daughter and I went out to eat Mexican then home to watch the Dick Clark's countdown show and patiently (really not so patiently on my part) the BIG announcement from Walt Disney World. Then we had a toast with sparkling grape juice at midnight. Today we had a HUGE breakfast and have relaxed all day. I have done some vacation quotes and research. It has be wonderful.

Tonight, I think we will watch the Princess and the Frog movie and eat some dinner. I am sure dinner will be some bad fast food. I know I know. The weight is not going to come off eating that junk but I am giving myself one more day. The story of my life but really this time I am serious. My daughter works out during soccer and she has still since the season is over. We are going to be work out buddies to make sure we do something every day. I have a neat new workout game on the Wii that I love. It is called Exerbeat and it really is good. I have done it several times (like 4-5) the last couple weeks since I bought it. It tracks how long you have worked out and how many calories you burned. I think I have done over an hour. I know that eating fast food and not exercising is the problem and changing that is the key. I also want to get strict again about counting my calories each day. I am going to make goals for each quarter of the year to meet. Then I will evaluate and add to those goals for the next quarter.

So my goals for Jan 2 - March 2 to met are:
  • Do at least 15 minutes of exercise every day
  • Write down and track everything that I eat every day
  • Drink 4 - 8 oz glasses of water a day
  • Cook at least 5 meals during the week so we don't eat fast food
  • Take something from home for lunch at least 4 days at work
What goals do you have for the new year??

Thanks for dropping by!!

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