Monday, January 2, 2012

Tuesday Update

Hello!!! It's chilly here today. It is 35 this morning!! I am so not going outside!!

I cooked pancakes and bacon. I had 2 small pancakes and 2 slices of Bacon with 1/2 mug of coffee with milk and sugar.

I planning on making a tuna pasta dish with green beans for lunch today.

I am not 100% sure what is for dinner but I will keep you posted on that.

I will probably do mini post to make sure I am following my goals for the year.

Here's my check off to make sure I am sticking to my goals. I have a word document with this over and over for every day til March 2. Then I will create a new set of goals. BTW -- yes, I am one of those people who love list!! hehe

Mon 2/6
Tues 2/7
Wed 2/8
Thurs 2/9
Fri 2/10
Sat 2/11
Sun 2/12
15 minutes of exercise

Track food

4 - 8 oz glasses of water

Cook 5 meals per week

Lunch from home 4 days a week

Thanks for sticking with me on my journey and feel free to comment. I know I have some visitors. :-)

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