Sunday, February 5, 2012

Good Sunday Morning!!!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Mine has been great. Yesterday, we celebrated my daughter's 16th Birthday early with a family party. It was great fun! We missed one of my brothers, Gerald, because he had to work so we sent him cupcakes home. We also missed one of my niece, Marki and Al's sister and her husband. We had yummy food and a Spongebob cupcake.

And of course what party wouldn't be complete, without playing some Rock Band. 

Then Jamie went to her friends for a sleep over and then today she has a Super Bowl Party!! She is one busy little teenager. hehe

In between the coming home from the sleep over and the Super Bowl Party, we are also practice driving because Thursday is the BIG day!! So Thursday, we go take her driving test after school then Jamie has requested Bahama Breeze for dinner. Then Friday, her friend party is at Golf and Games in Memphis. It is a Lasertron Party!! Yes, my 16 yr wanted a lasertron party with her friends. Then all the kids (about 12) are coming over to our house for a movie party or hang out party. Then the girls are staying for the night.

I also wanted to let you know that I have tweaked my diet because I start today on the 6 week Kettle Worx body transformation. I added lean proteins to my diet but other than that it is about the same. Here are my before pictures!! I can't believe I am posting these pictures for the world to see. I am going to post monthly pictures to see the difference.

So basically, the program is a 3 day 20-26 minute workout with a kettleball. Then I add 2 other 10 minute workouts that I am adding in on other days. The plan is to do 5 days of kettleball workouts and 2 days of bike workouts plus I think on the 2 short days that I can add in another bike work outs. I start today with the real workout using a 5 lb kettleball. I did the introduction with a 10 lb one and I could barely do some of them because the weight was too much and I was so sore!!

I gotta run but I will be back on later to give you the results of the first workout.

Thanks for stopping by!!

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