Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Update on Kettle Worx and Life

I completed week 1 of Kettle Worx. I did the 3 main work outs plus the 10 min ab work out and I rode my bike every day!!

My daughter took her driving test last Thursday afternoon and PASSED!! I am now the mother of a teenage driver!! I can't believe it!

We took her out to dinner Thursday evening for her birthday at Bahama Breeze.

 Friday was her party with her friends at Lasertron and then hanging out at our house. The kids had a ton of fun!!

The girls all spent the night and went home Saturday afternoon. I was exhausted!!

Needless to say after that weekend, I didn't eat all that healthy. I am still struggling to get my eating my on track. We had unhealthy food at work Monday & Tuesday this week. I did ride my bike last night and the plan is do start week 2 Kettle Worx tonight or tomorrow. I will definitely ride my bike regardless. I gained 3 pounds from the weekend. I want to get that off and just break even this week. If I lose any that will be cake!! oops I should say carrot sticks!! lol

I almost forgot to say Happy Valentine's Day!!! I got my daughter a wallet, card and M&M Minis. She loves those!! I got my hubby a card and candy too. We don't go all out for Valentine's Day because we treat each other all year round. I got a card from daughter and hubby!!

Our vacation plans are still all up in the air. My daughter applied for Governor's School at UT Knoxville for Engineering. The letters go out tomorrow. This is for 5 or 6 weeks during the summer so this will determine if we can take a summer vacation because once she gets back from that then soccer training will start. I am excited for her but nervous too because that is on the other side of the state and she will be about 7 hrs away!!! I will let you know her results as soon as we get the letter.

I don't think there is anything else happening in my life!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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