Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Long time no see.....

Good Evening!! It has been a week since I posted and I am so sorry for neglecting my blog. Well, I hope that you had a Merry Christmas!  Here is a picture of my little family on Christmas morning.

We enjoyed all our gifts and got some laughs from watching our kitties play in the boxes and bags.

We also went to my parents house for lunch and presents. Here are my parents, brothers and their families.

Then we went to my hubby's parents for late lunch and gifts. Yes, I said late lunch. I was too stuffed so I couldn't eat anything but I enjoyed seeing everyone. Here's my daughter's great grandmother. She is wonderful and we love her so much!!

We went home after this and RELAXED. Christmas was over for us and it was time to enjoy our gifts and relax.

We have watched some movies while we enjoyed our long weekend off. We watched The Box and that was a strange movie. I don't know if I really liked it or not. It was just strange. We watched the Tooth Fairy too. I thought it was funny and really good. We laughed alot. Tonight we watched The Green Hornet and I really enjoyed it and recommend it. It has some cussing and fighting so beware for little ones.

My exercise and diet have not been the best lately. I got side tracked but I am back on the wagon and will continue this journey. I can do this.

So I have been planning for our Oct 2012 trip and I think we may be able to afford a trip in a value resort. We have never stayed in a value before so I am excited to try something new. I will keep you posted on which one we decide to book with.

I almost forgot. I have now opened an online store called My Favorite Things. There are all kinds of items. Please check it out. Here's the link:

I think that is all my updates for now.  I will be doing a vacation special update soon too.

Thanks for dropping by!!

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