Saturday, December 10, 2011

End of Week and Saturday Update

Good afternoon!! I hope everyone is having a great Saturday!! I am so far. It has been busy. Sorry I am a couple days late on my blog. Life has gotten in the way again!!

Let's get started.

Breakfast -- muffin and banana
Lunch -- hot turkey sandwich and baked potato from Danver's
Dinner -- chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy and biscuit

Breakfast -- muffin and banana
Lunch -- chicken, black eye peas, macaroni & cheese and cornbread muffin from Abbay's
Dinner -- homemade BBQ chicken pizza and sweet tea.

I am going to stop here and tell you about this pizza it is wonderful and low in calories!!! I buy the Kroger brand pizza dough that you make. It is so easy to do and the best part is is low calorie. The pizza feeds 3 (4 if you do a salad too). There are 640 calories in the entire pizza crust. Then I take 3 pr 4 chicken breast tenders and cut them up into tiny pieces and brown them in a skillet with Pam Spray. The chicken for all is 100 calories. Then I put BBQ sauce on the pizza dough which is 60 calories. Then I slice up an onion and put that on there. Then I put the cooked chicken and top with cheese. I don't have my cheese bag but it was low fat 2% cheese. So I think 1/3 of the pizza is like 400 calories at the most!! I think that is a great meal then add a salad.

Breakfast -- eggs, bacon, biscuit, gravy
Lunch -- I haven't ate yet so it will be a lunch and dinner meal.

Jamie had some volunteer work today for Key Club selling some Christmas trees. She worked from 9-12 and had alot of fun.

Then we went and got our hair cut and brows waxed. I am now waiting on my color to finish. Hold on...

My color is now done and I have started dinner. I am cooking sauteed chicken with mushroom and onions, green beans, bow tie pasta and cheddar garlic biscuits. It smells so good!!

Well, that is about everything so far for today!!

Thanks for dropping by!!

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