Thursday, August 18, 2016

Progress.....change is coming

I survived NYC barely. I came back with a knee bothering me and the realization that I am not getting any younger or healthier. I can't say it was just NYC that was the straw that broke the camel's back but it was one of the main factors. I have battled my weight for years. I wasn't always fat. In fact, I was a tiny 2 pound preemie born 2 months early. I did have a chunky stage as a child then slimmed down for high school even though I thought I was over weight then. I gained some when I got married....each year added a little more. I can't blame it on my pregnancy at all. It was just being comfortable with my life and not exercising or watching what I ate. I can't blame anyone but me.

I have probably tried every diet out there and watched my carbs on and off the last few years since being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I did manage to lose some weight but gained almost all but 10 pounds back. Well, earlier this week I discovered that my health insurance has a program with Weight Watchers that offered members 6 months free. I didn't hesitate at all. I signed right up and it is FREE. No strings attached. I was scared of failing again but somewhere deep down, I knew that this is my chance and my time.

I started the same day I signed up. I have planned my meals all week and for this weekend. I am working the program to fit the food I have on hand until I get to the store this Sunday. This has to work or I know I will be plagued with illness and an early death. I want to enjoy life and not regret one minute. This is a tool to help me live healthier. Imagine that for a second...being healthier is in my hands. I am in control. I added in exercise this week too. I am making changes that I can live with each day.

Today was the first day that my knee didn't hurt the entire time I rode my exercise bike. I was able to ride faster and harder without pain. I actually have some energy after work. These small changes (believe me they are SMALL) are working!! YEP!! These little steps toward the big picture do make a difference.

I have a long journey but I know as I add more changes to my daily routine that I will see more and more improvements toward the big picture. One month from now, I will be smaller. Six months from now, I will be even smaller. It is not going to happen overnight and for once that is okay.

I plan to share my journey here to help anyone out there but to also document for myself the changes. I will try to update with meals, exercise and other updates.

So here's to me and my new journey ahead.