Tuesday, August 23, 2016

1st Week on Weight Watchers

I survived my first week on weight watchers..just joking. I never felt like I was deprived.  I enjoyed all my meals. Yes, I felt hungry at times but my body was adjusting to smaller quantities. I did eat some of my weekly points but did not eat them all. My weigh in was Monday morning........I lost 7.5 pounds!!!!

Here are some of my meals to show you what I ate. We traveled this weekend so we ate out alot.

 This is a lean cuisine Chicken Alfredo meal. Lunch at my desk.

 This is a dinner of sautéed chicken and mushrooms plus pasta, green beans and roll.

 Lunch from Chick Fil A. Grilled sandwich and fruit cup.

 We tried this Mexican place for breakfast while out of town. This is my steak omlet, rice and beans.

 This is what was left when I was done.

So as you can tell, I ate well and never felt deprived. This week I am focusing on more fruit, veggies and water. I know my body will shift to small weight changes around 1-2 pounds after the first week or so. 

I have also added in exercise. I am either walking or riding my exercise bike. I do plan on adding some workout videos too. 

Here's to week 2. Thanks for stopping by. Until next time.....

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