Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Part 6 -- Epcot

Good afternoon! I know it has been months so I hope everyone hasn't given up on me completing this report. Life again has gotten in the way.

We wake up this day and are ready to hit all our favorites at Epcot.

We decided to ride on of my favorite rides....

Yes, I love Figment!!

Next we are off to explore World Showcase. Who will we meet??

And who did we wonder upon in our journey.......that I am so happy to met.....


Yes, It was Alice and that was our first time to meet her. It was magical!!

Then there was another great person for us to meet.

It was the one and only Mary Poppins.

We wonder around Epcot and see the sights.

We wrap up our tour of Epcot so go back to the resort to grab some lunch and rest for our party tonight. Yep, we did 2 Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Parties!! Also by this time I was really starting to feel bad...I think I was getting sick in Disney!! NO!!!!!

Soup and sandwich is just what Mickey ordered to make me feel better.

Plus some ice cream!

Finally, it is time to head over to Magic Kingdom to the party. I can't wait because I am finally meeting in person another Disney Nerd as we call ourselves or otherwise known as "My friend that I have never met"!

This picture of Jamie looks like she has ears on but really it is the girl behind her. ;-)

We are riding rides and getting candy this night since the other night we saw the firework show and Boo to You Parade.

Before we know it is midnight and we must leave Magic Kingdom. This was our last night in Disney. We get up the next day and we have tickets but I am feeling really bad so we missed some of the New Fantasyland sneak peeks. We hang around the resort exploring.


This is the end of another wonderful Disney trip. This is our sad faces as we leave.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my trip report. I will be starting a new pre-trip soon.


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