Friday, February 1, 2013

Part 5 -- It's Hollywood Studio Day!!!

That's right...We are heading to Hollywood Studios.

The bus was a little crowded this morning so Al had to stand.

Our first view.....

The last two trips were during May/June so we had visited during Star Wars Weekend. We were hoping for a little less crowds to enjoy everything.

We took advantage of some photopass moments.

We are off to ride Toy Story....I have to be honest. Hollywood Studios is not my favorite park and we have even skipped it but it seems to be growing on me. I really love Toy Story Mania!! I am also hoping that some of the rumors of additions to the park are true!!

Then off to explore and I wonder what our next ride will be??

Jamie is passing time in of course being on her phone.

I took the chicken exit because I am not a thrill rider. Then it was time for.....


Somewhere along the day we rode the following and stopped for these photopass pics.

Lunch time!!

That was our day at Hollywood Studios!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!

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