Sunday, October 5, 2014

Ran Away....Forgotten....Where have I been??

WOW!! I can't believe that it has been over a year since I have updated my blog. If I have anyone even checking in anymore, I am so sorry. I don't even have an excuse except life just got in the way. 
Well, 2014 has brought in some changes in our life. Our daughter completed her senior year in high school. We took her and two of her friends to Disney to celebrate. Here are some pictures to show some of the highlights of that senior year.

 Prom Night

 Breakfast at Disney with her Mickey Ears!

 Before graduation

 18th Birthday Party!! Where has the time gone?

 After graduation.

 Prom Night Beauty!

 Honors Banquet!

 Soccer Banquet

 Soccer game
We had a lot senior year and I can't believe it is over. We have moved her on to college this fall and she is doing great. I am still working on my weight loss and I struggled for months. I am now following a lower carb diet to control my diabetes (type 2). I have recently restarted on this back at the beginning of September. My numbers were out of control. More on that to follow but first let's take a look at our May 2014 trip to Disney and Universal.
Stay tuned....and thanks for dropping by. 

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