Thursday, September 27, 2012

Have I been lost.......

I am sure if I have anyone out there still checking on my blog that they think I got lost somewhere. I do apologize for the lack of updates. Life has been busy and I have failed to keep up with my blog. Where do I start???

Let's see in July I went in for a follow up appointment with the dr and my blood test were not where they needed to be. This kicked me in the butt to get serious and make some changes so on July 5th I started faithfully logging in every day to Myfitnesspal, cut out all regular soda and sweet tea, watching my calories and carbs plus exercising most days of the week. I am happy to announce that I have lost 25.5 pounds as of Monday. I went to the dietitian on Wed this week for a followup and she is very happy with my progress. I don't go back to the dr til Nov. I feel great and the changes are starting to show. Here's a picture from May 2011(right) to Sept 2012(left).

Soccer season is full blast right now and we are in our 3rd weekend of tournaments. My daughter scored her very first goal last weekend!! It was a wonderful sight!!! Here's a picture of us after the game!!

Resting in between games.

Our vacation is next month and I can't wait!! Did you forget?? We are heading down to Universal and Disney. We have added some fun things to the trip since the last time I posted. My hubby and daughter are doing Universal's Halloween Horror Night party one night. I will stay far away cause I am a CHICKEN!! We also added a 2nd Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. It is going to be so much fun!!

I did some experimenting with my nails. Here is something I did. I think I will do this for the trip.

I think that is about all that I have right now. I am going to try and post more often at least weekly.

I will say that for some reason my pictures are not showing up on my older blog post. I am not sure what the issue is but I am trying to fix this. Please bare with the inconvenience while I figure this out.

Thanks for dropping by!

Have a Magical Day!!

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