Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Life Update

Happy Tuesday!!!

Alot has been happening in my life lately. I have been struggling still with my weight and exercise. I had been exercising regularly then I got off track and it has been sporadic. I am back to riding my bike and building back up. It's funny how quickly you lose all the progress you had made. My diet has been good and bad. I really felt so much better when we were eating the plant based diet. I felt like I had so much energy and just a good feeling overall. I think I am heading back that direction. It was simple and I can't get that feeling with just counting the calories. It was nice to know I could eat all the beans, veggies and fruits I wanted. I have groceries to last til next week so I will not be switching til then but I will be switching over then. Also, I completely got off the water kick and my skin is breaking out. It doesn't look as good either. I know! I know! Back on water!!!

We have 116 days til our vacation and I can't wait to see Universal and Port Orleans Riverside for the first time and to see my happy place -- Disney again!!

I can't wait to go to the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party too!!!

This is be our longest trip and we are so excited!!

I think the rest of our summer weekends are slammed packed. Just to name a few things coming up father's day, Jamie's friend's QuinceaƱera, wedding shower for my niece, nephew's b-day party, Jamie is leaving for Troy, New York for 2 weeks, soccer practice and then it will be time for school to start. Then soccer season and my niece's wedding. I will be ready for our week in Orlando!!

I will try my best to keep you posted on my diet and all the things going on.

Thanks for stopping by!!

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