Thursday, March 8, 2012

Life update and other happenings

I am so sorry to my blog followers (if I have any). I have been missing in action for a long while. I let life again get in the way.

Let me catch you all up. We finally made a decision on vacation. We are going to Universal Orlando for fall break plus a little surprise that I can't tell you about but if you knew then you would be doing the happy dance with me! I promise you that. We are going to be staying at Loews Royal Pacific Resort which is on site at Universal Orlando. The resort is a Polynesian themed resort.

It looks so beautiful and peaceful!! It is very exciting to stay someplace new and try out 2 new theme parks. If you have read my other trip reports then you know I am so not a thrill ride seeker so I will be taking lots of pictures to capture my family on all the thrill rides at Universal. I am excited to see the shows and the tamer rides. One thing that is exciting to try and see how it compares to Disney's Fastpasses is their express pass that comes free with our hotel stay. It is a Front of the Line pass that is good for certain rides all day long, no time frame and unlimited. I have said that I will not compare Universal to Disney because they are 2 different parks but I know it will be hard for me. I feel like I am going to the "dark side"!!

We are getting just their standard room which comes with 2 queen beds.

It seems to be in between the square feet of a Disney moderate and deluxe room. I do wish it had a daybed like the Disney Polynesian and Contemporary. I am excited to try it out.

Here is our plan as of right now (minus the surprises):

Day 1 - leave home and travel to Valdosta, GA for the night
Day 2 - get up early to finish drive to Royal Pacific Resort -- check in and RUN to Universal Studios
             We have purchased 2 day Park to Park tickets with our hotel stay. So we can switch over to  
             Islands of Adventure this afternoon. It seems the parks close early in October from my
             research and the hours aren't out yet so I can't confirm this bit of knowledge yet. That evening
             we will be playing mini golf at the brand new courses in City Walk and doing some shopping.
Day 3 - get up early and check out then head to Islands of Adventure for our 1 hr early entrance for
             Harry Potter World.  We will finish out our day and switch back to Studios if we want to
             repeat anything. Then comes the surprise which I can't tell you about yet!!!
Day 4 - surprise
Day 5 - surprise
Day 6 - surprise then head to Valdosta, GA for the night
Day 7 - head home -- sad face -- vacation is over

I can't wait for this trip but I have like 212 days!!

That's all on the vacation front. We do have a new kinda pet. Her name is Lillian as my daughter named her. She is a beautiful kitty who showed up on our back porch. My hubby built her a little house and she is so happy out there. We just can't have another inside kitty right now. Our baby Biscuit just isn't taking to Lillian so since Lillian seems happy being an outside kitty. We will leave her be outside with her nice little house.

Just an FYI -- the diet is moving slowly. I have not been all that great and I have only exercised 2 times this week. I know how terrible that is.

Thanks for sticking with me and for stopping by!!

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